Zerona Body Sculpting

FDA Approved
Zerona is an FDA approved non-invasive low-level laser treatment that removes inches of fat from the hips, waist, andthighs in two weeks.

No Side Effects
The treatments are painless, surgery free and do not have side effects. Zerona is a great alternative to liposuction and a great way to jump start a diet or exercise program.

How It Works
Zerona works by using a low-level laser that emits no heat. The laser works by stimulating the fat cells and emulsifying the fat within the cell. A transitory pore is formed and the emulsified fat is released to the interstitial space. It is then quickly absorbed by the lymphatic system and removed naturally by the body.

Level One Clinical Trials
Zerona is the only body contouring device on the market proven by a level one clinical trial. Level one clinical trials require the highest testing standards in the medical industry and are the same studies completed by pharmaceutical companies in order to obtain FDA approval on drugs.