Easy And Relaxing
The Zerona treatments are very easy and relaxing, with no pain or recovery. Sessions are 40 – 60 minutes in length with 5 lasers positioned over the most resistant fat areas in your waist, hips and thighs. Sessions are 20 minutes on each side for a total of 40 minutes. An additional 20 minutes may be added if requested for extra stubborn areas. Our series of 6 treatments over a two week period typically result in an average loss of 4 – 6 inches. Based on your weight and body type, an individualized treatment plan will be customized for you.

Only 40 Minutes
During your 40 minute session you will be able to relax, read or catch up on calls or e mails. Most patients feel nothing during the procedure as the Zerona is a cold laser and does not burn or ablate the skin in any way. Our practice also uses a pulsed electro magnetic field therapy mat to gently stimulate the lymphatic system during treatments. You may feel lighter after sessions due to the bio-stimulation beginning in your body.

The Healthy Alternative
Zerona offers you a relaxing alternative to traditional fat reduction procedures such as gastric-bypass or liposuction. Many patients will close their eyes and rest while listening to relaxing music in our private setting.

Reduces Subcutaneous Fat
Zerona works best on subcutaneous fat, just below the skin that you can grab. This fat may form folds or rolls around the waist (muffin-top or back fat). It may be found in the form of saddle bags on the thighs. You may be able to pinch subcutaneous fat around your hips. This type of external fat responds best to the Zerona laser. Fat deep below the skeletal muscle is visceral fat and is not as affected. Our Doctor will make sure you are a good candidate for the Zerona proceedure to maximise your results.